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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Of peaches, corn and onions

When it comes to peaches, I never bother with those from California. It may be the variety, or it may be that they have to be harvested too early to make the trip cross-country, but they never soften up into that sweet juicy confection that a great peach can be. As a result, I buy […]


Loving music as I do, one of my daydreams is to be a radio DJ. However, the time slot that I’d want is the midnight-to-5AM shift. I fondly recall radio hosts from that time slot going all the way back to Don Zee on WXYZ back in the early 60’s during the time my formative […]

Steve’s Ratatouille

I made this dish several times, using different ingredients with mediocre results, and finally realized that the key to good ratatouille is the technique. It isn’t enough to simply throw the vegetables into a pot as you would a soup or stew. They must be subjected to a hot dry heat, traditionally by sautéing. However, […]