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Monthly Archives: February 2014

New food ideas

I posted recently about a new Thai cookbook that Marcy got me for my birthday. What has been kinda neat about learning how to do this traditional Thai cooking thing is how it can start to work its way into some of my everyday cooking. Last weekend we had some company for dinner, and I […]

Musical treat 2 of 2 (Imogen Heap)

I’m not gonna be coy about this – I have a crush on Imogen Heap. She’s probably nowhere near as charming in person as she is on stage or in the videos she shares of her progress when working on a new album, but considering I’ll probably never meet her in person, I can indulge […]

World War I

For those born after WWII, that war seems to dominate our view of 20th century history. It was only after I read some scholar’s comment that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc from 1989-1990 was the final echo of World War I, did I begin to study WWI in earnest. What […]