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World War I

For those born after WWII, that war seems to dominate our view of 20th century history. It was only after I read some scholar’s comment that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc from 1989-1990 was the final echo of World War I, did I begin to study WWI in earnest. What […]

Musical treat 1 of 2 (Underworld)

I hope to have two special musical treats for you, and I was hard-pressed to decide which I wanted to pass on first! I decided to present them following “age before beauty” principle. Normally I post videos primarily just to present the music. However, for these two artists, the videos play a role completely coequal […]

Best ribs ever!

Marcy got me a cook book for my birthday this year, and I’ve been cooking up something from this book at least once (sometimes two or three times!) a week since I got it. I haven’t had so much fun cooking in years, and that’s saying a lot. The book is “Pok, Pok” by Andy […]