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Try oatmeal

If you’re one of those that dislikes oatmeal, you can ignore the rest of this post. Sorry… Once again on the topic of eating good, satisfying, healthy food, take a look at Oatmeal. It has so many things going for it that if you like oatmeal, it can (and really should be) a regular part […]

Sorry – I just can’t agree (Daft Punk)

I don’t follow pop music very much, so I don’t even know what they were up against, but I have to agree with the selection of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories as 2014 Album of the Year at the Grammy’s. I’m glad I ripped it to a digital version, ’cause I’da already worn the grooves […]

The impact of climate change – and it’s more than today’s weather…

Try this – Google “climate change global conflict”. The hits from sources as varied as The Guardian, The Economist, the Christian Science Monitor could keep you busy for hours (if not days). If you want to see in microcosm the effect of climate change on just one region you can check out Thomas Friedman’s recent […]