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Ever the optimist am I…

I’ve been somewhat bemused by the internal fight going on in the ranks of the Republican Party. I don’t know which side to root for. The outlying Tea Partiers are working hard toward driving the last nail into the coffin of the GOP. This would be a great outcome to my way of thinking. After […]


If your boss asks you to gin up a survey, or if you or your organization is thinking of doing a survey, this post just might help – anyway, I  hope it does…                                                             I can’t remember the last time I was presented with a well-designed survey. I’m pretty sure that most surveys are designed […]

Packaged foods

I’ve often repeated the common advice that to eat healthy and manage weight it’s a good idea to avoid packaged foods. This is a point that Michael Pollan makes in his very good little book on nutrition (Food Rules). Pollan voices this in the rules “Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food” and […]