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Managing Weight – Part 3

I want to recommend some specific strategies regarding weight loss, but first I’d like to recommend a really good 2012 documentary on the food industry that I believe anyone interested in a healthy diet should see –┬áHungry for Change Be prepared to do some filtering of some of the “conspiracy theory” thinking that is included […]

Of peaches, corn and onions

When it comes to peaches, I never bother with those from California. It may be the variety, or it may be that they have to be harvested too early to make the trip cross-country, but they never soften up into that sweet juicy confection that a great peach can be. As a result, I buy […]


Loving music as I do, one of my daydreams is to be a radio DJ. However, the time slot that I’d want is the midnight-to-5AM shift. I fondly recall radio hosts from that time slot going all the way back to Don Zee on WXYZ back in the early 60’s during the time my formative […]