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Steve’s Ratatouille

I made this dish several times, using different ingredients with mediocre results, and finally realized that the key to good ratatouille is the technique. It isn’t enough to simply throw the vegetables into a pot as you would a soup or stew. They must be subjected to a hot dry heat, traditionally by sautéing. However, […]

Pro-Choice should encompass more than your stand on abortion

A recent article in the LA Times by Meghan Daum re-frames the discussion about the choice to be a parent or to remain childless in an interesting way. Ms Daum takes exception to the usual discussion of the issue in terms that are easily characterized by the overly judgmental as “selfishness” on the part of […]

The Dry Vodka Gimlet

I posted a while ago on the pleasures of a good cocktail. A dry vodka gimlet is one of my favorites and one that doesn’t seem to be all that common, so it’s a good idea to know how it’s made so you can offer some assistance to the occasional bartender that may be unfamiliar […]