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Checks & Balances

That government is best that governs least – attributed erroneously to Thomas Jefferson Checks & balances built into our form of government need to be reflected in our society at large. There needs to be a general recognition that both business and individual interests do not always coincide with the interests of the citizenry; other […]

Managing Weight – Part 2

How often have you heard someone claim “Oh, I can eat anything I want and never have to worry about my weight”? How often have you heard a claim for some diet pill/program/product that makes the same claim – “Eat all the foods you enjoy and still lose weight!!”. In essence, there is nothing at […]

One of the things that says “Summer” in Michigan

You haven’t lived in Michigan until you’ve driven down a highway while on vacation, with the windows down, eating from a couple of quarts of fresh cherries on the console bought from a roadside stand, spitting the pits out the window…