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New food ideas

I posted recently about a new Thai cookbook that Marcy got me for my birthday. What has been kinda neat about learning how to do this traditional Thai cooking thing is how it can start to work its way into some of my everyday cooking. Last weekend we had some company for dinner, and I […]

Best ribs ever!

Marcy got me a cook book for my birthday this year, and I’ve been cooking up something from this book at least once (sometimes two or three times!) a week since I got it. I haven’t had so much fun cooking in years, and that’s saying a lot. The book is “Pok, Pok” by Andy […]

Packaged foods

I’ve often repeated the common advice that to eat healthy and manage weight it’s a good idea to avoid packaged foods. This is a point that Michael Pollan makes in his very good little book on nutrition (Food Rules). Pollan voices this in the rules “Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food” and […]