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Staying healthy, especially for those of us who are getting older

Packaged foods

I’ve often repeated the common advice that to eat healthy and manage weight it’s a good idea to avoid packaged foods. This is a point that Michael Pollan makes in his very good little book on nutrition (Food Rules). Pollan voices this in the rules “Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food” and […]

Managing Weight – Part 3

I want to recommend some specific strategies regarding weight loss, but first I’d like to recommend a really good 2012 documentary on the food industry that I believe anyone interested in a healthy diet should see –┬áHungry for Change Be prepared to do some filtering of some of the “conspiracy theory” thinking that is included […]

Of peaches, corn and onions

When it comes to peaches, I never bother with those from California. It may be the variety, or it may be that they have to be harvested too early to make the trip cross-country, but they never soften up into that sweet juicy confection that a great peach can be. As a result, I buy […]