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Music streaming options

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve made extensive use of Rhapsody’s music streaming service for the past several years. It’s a great resource to try out an artist or an album for a while before I purchase a copy for my own, and I have a pretty extensive playlist that I listen to almost as regularly […]

Musical treat 2 of 2 (Imogen Heap)

I’m not gonna be coy about this – I have a crush on Imogen Heap. She’s probably nowhere near as charming in person as she is on stage or in the videos she shares of her progress when working on a new album, but considering I’ll probably never meet her in person, I can indulge […]

Musical treat 1 of 2 (Underworld)

I hope to have two special musical treats for you, and I was hard-pressed to decide which I wanted to pass on first! I decided to present them following “age before beauty” principle. Normally I post videos primarily just to present the music. However, for these two artists, the videos play a role completely coequal […]