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Sorry – I just can’t agree (Daft Punk)

I don’t follow pop music very much, so I don’t even know what they were up against, but I have to agree with the selection of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories as 2014 Album of the Year at the Grammy’s. I’m glad I ripped it to a digital version, ’cause I’da already worn the grooves […]


Loving music as I do, one of my daydreams is to be a radio DJ. However, the time slot that I’d want is the midnight-to-5AM shift. I fondly recall radio hosts from that time slot going all the way back to Don Zee on WXYZ back in the early 60’s during the time my formative […]


I used to rely on our once-excellent NPR affiliate to keep me supplied with new music. They had highly knowledgeable and eclectic music hosts on the air all week long. Now, it’s kind of a grab-bag of sources. WDET still has some good music programs left, and I pick up a lot from my favorite […]