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One of the things that says “Summer” in Michigan

You haven’t lived in Michigan until you’ve driven down a highway while on vacation, with the windows down, eating from a couple of quarts of fresh cherries on the console bought from a roadside stand, spitting the pits out the window…

A new WDET radio show worth checking out

WDET is fooling around with their programming again, and something that they’ve quietly added recently is pretty good. Nightly from 10:00 to midnight they’re airing “Echoes”, a PRI show that has a music mix that is absolutely perfect (in my opinion) for that time slot. It’s available as a ShoutCast stream so you don’t need […]

The value of the re-read

When I was a young college student, I knew a fellow whose company I enjoyed immensely, which belies the fact that I can’t remember his name. However, one of the discussions/arguments we enjoyed was about the value of accumulating books. Perhaps a victim of the the acquisitive impulse, I dreamed of building an extensive library, […]