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Passion Pit

When a piece of music catches my ear, I will usually pop over to and look up the artist. If what I read is as interesting as the track, I will put one or more of the artists’ albums into my library on Rhapsody. Often I won’t get around to listening to the albums for months; there are some in my library that I don’t even remember where I heard their music or what they sounded like.

Recently I dropped most of the albums in the library (probably 30-40) into a playlist and started shuffling.

Very interesting mix…

One of the artists that has been a real surprise is Passion Pit. I heard their “Take A Walk” track first on John Mosier’s Modern Music on WDET, and noticed it popping up in a commercial and once in a video game.

Very hard to describe their sound (as is a lot of what I like) but the band puts out some really energetic and unique pop music.

Give a listen to this track. Undeniably quirky, but also undeniably catchy. The kinda stuff that just amazes me with it’s imagination and originality. One of the things that I look for in music artists is that while their tracks can vary significantly from one to another (this is the only Passion Pit track I can think of offhand that uses this highly-processed vocal track), everything they do has a sound that makes their work recognizable against the bland wall-to-wall noise that is the norm in popular music.