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About this place

Over the years, I’ve been one of those restless sorts that keeps accumulating interests. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to more intensively pursue and even expand those interests.

This site is an opportunity to share this with you.

I hope that you’ll come away from a visit here having learned something, or read something that got the gears turning a bit.

At the moment, my primary interests include but certainly aren’t limited to) music (both playing and listening), woodworking, cooking and cycling.

My music playing is limited to guitar, and I’ve pursued blues guitar in particular since acquiring my first electric guitar at the age of 40.

My woodworking involves mostly furniture building, primarily anything that loosely fits into the Arts & Crafts style, but recently I started building my first solid-body electric guitar, and hope to continue with that activity – I glued up several body blanks anticipating that once I build one, I’m going to be building more…

I got into food and cooking back when in Boy Scouts, and became more involved when I first married. I became the primary family cook when I became a single parent, and continued in that role when I remarried in my early 30’s. This dovetails nicely with my interest in diet and nutrition as I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight.

I’ve really enjoyed cycling my entire life. I purchased my first drop-bar road bike (a cheap Huffy if I recall correctly) back in my 20’s, and have gotten more and more involved in the sport as I’ve gotten older. I purchased a used short-wheelbase recumbent back about 1999, and rode that for many years, and transitioned back to diamond-frame bikes a few years ago. In the last few years I’ve become more addicted to riding, and have begun to train for endurance events – rides in excess of 100km (a “metric” century or 62 miles).

Feel free to give me a holler if you have any questions about anything you find here…and welcome!