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Musical treat 1 of 2 (Underworld)

I hope to have two special musical treats for you, and I was hard-pressed to decide which I wanted to pass on first! I decided to present them following “age before beauty” principle.

Normally I post videos primarily just to present the music. However, for these two artists, the videos play a role completely coequal with the music.


I’ve been listening to Underworld for at least 15 years and have four of their albums. They’ve clearly taken their place as my favorite techno act, at least among those that I’ve been listening to long enough to verify their ability to remain exciting after many repeated listenings. There are a lot of techno artists that I listen to regularly and enjoy, but Underworld has been amazingly consistent in the quality of their music, and have a distinctive sound that is easy to pick up even when hearing a piece that may be unfamiliar.

Both of the videos below are live performances, which I always find fascinating with techno artists. Until I searched out these videos, I had no idea that these guys put on such exciting live shows. As a result, I’ve put myself on their mailing list so if they ever come anywhere near Detroit on a tour, I’ll know about it and might have a chance to see them live. Both videos are performances of signature compositions that probably get done at every concert. The first video (Two Months Off) presents things a bit more from an on-stage viewpoint. The second (Born Slippy.NUXX) seems to be more representative of what it would be like to be in the audience! Its also much more dramatic, and I’m willing to bet that if you were in the audience, that insistent drum track can probably be felt right through your entire body – a tremendously high-energy performance!

If you aren’t tired of these guys after these two clips (about 20 minutes total) click here for a bonus.